Latest Condominium in Singapore, Sims Urban Oasis

Sims Urban Oasis is the latest condominium in East Singapore, Aljunied area. The three towers are going to have about 900 units. It is an ideal development for people who are searching for property with simple connectivity and in one among the finest places.

latest condominium in singapore sims urban oasis

The condominium is located at Sims drive, among the easily linked and very tasteful places of the island. The positioning of this wonderful project is really in District 14. But the place is outstanding, as it is very well linked to the town. It is very close to the interchange station, as significant stations are close by. So, connectivity is not really a problem in the slightest. In addition, the nearby Mattar MRT station is anticipated to start functioning by 2017, which means future resident will not have any difficulty at all.

Building cities that are intelligent with attributes that are smart is one thing that is often observable in Singapore’s most of the building. This is the prime reason Singapore is intelligent cities in the world’s leader, and such have smart attributes inside.

It’s among the smartest and tasteful jobs coming up in district 14 at sims drive. The job is allegedly planning to have 3 towers. Each tower could have about 25 floors. The unit is going to face primarily on two sides.

Sims urban oasis is anticipated to be finished by 2018. Yet, those who want to know more about booking unit or a dwelling can use making use of their interest. The job has been developed by Guocoland, among the world class and premier developers.

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Northpark condo Singapore – for your dream house

Situated in the center of Yishun Singapore, Frasers Centrepoint is developing the job. This striving undertaking means to build almost 1000 flats for one and all with state.

northpark condo singapore dream house

You can find a number of other condominiums which are designed throughout the Yishun town. They’ve suitable and nice lodging like the Yishun Northpark that’s not inaccessible to a lot of other places you can travel using the train. There’s the MRT station, from where trains can board and cover any places that you would like to be. The condominiums are considered to be designed in such a style that they’re not inaccessible to marts, shopping mall, schools and faculties. There are a number of primary schools you can go to for the son or daughter. In addition they possess the privilege to go to schools including a 4 year school degrees for pupils.

That is an integrated transport hub that is advanced to other avenues in the Yishun town. These condominiums are recognized to offer you an advancement and lavish in the recent past. Speak to among the real estate representatives that will help your about purchasing or investing in Northpark Residences Singapore if you’re unsure where to start.

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Looking for that perfect home? Go for Bellewaters Condo

The town of Sengkang is an upcoming satellite town which is self sufficient in all respects. Be it the secondary schools, post office, hospitals, think about any basic amenities and the satellite town has it all to take pride has the Sengkang MRT station, present as a convenient medium of transport with other localities. And if you thought that’s all, well there is more to it. Standing tall in 17 impressive storey’s, the satellite town would soon be proud of the Bellewaters Condo, which is situated in the town and is an attractive, treat for the eyes executive condominium.

looking for that perfect home go for bellewaters condo

Situated at a strategic location with both Sengkang Riverside Park and the Sengkang Sports recreation center located near by, the condo is a paradise for nature lovers and health freaks. Just 30 minutes away is the Harbourfront MRTstation where one can also get plenty of public transport options to select from. The avid shoppers don’t need to be disappointed either. Fernvale Point, a well known shopping mall in the locality has plenty of shops where one can shop to one’s wishes to satisfy your palate from those food stalls which are a part of the mall. Rivervale Mall, another mall in the locality and Rivervale Plaza are shoppers’ paradise and are major shopping attractions in the locality.

Bellewaters Condo-Perfect destination for Health Freak

Are you a health freak dying to take that perfect morning or evening stroll a midst nature? Then this condo is just that perfect place for you to stay in. The Sengkang Riverside Park is the perfect place one can go for a jogging or for a walk and is quite close to the Condo. The serene and peaceful ambience is both visual treat sand a treat for a healthy body and a healthy mind. And the book lovers should not feel that they have been royally ignored as there is a public library in the locality catering to all the book lovers in the vicinity.

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Live in Comfort and Style at Marine Blue Condo

Due to the worldwide changes in economy and housing concept to generated savings and efficiency, more and more condominiums are rising in most cities around the world including Singapore. One good example of these condominiums is the Marine Blue by Capitaland that offers living in comfort and style. Today, luxurious condo living exist in almost all parts of the country. The Marine Blue Condo provides great views of the bay and the city. The amenities are competitive if not surpass anything that can be found in the area. A person living in one these condo units can fulfill their lifestyle need while maintaining the comfort zone of their present neighborhood.

live in comfort and style at marine blue condo

Actually, extraordinary amenities are an important part of condo living. From conference rooms to laundry services, fitness centers to spa, living in a condo ensures that owners can do their entire chores and still have the luxury of enjoying their individual surroundings. Another benefit of living in a condominium is that it provides all the advantages of home ownership such as equity on the property and having a true sense of a home without the numerous hassles of owning and maintaining a house. There are no gutters to clean, no lawns to mow, and the stress a person leaving their homes for a long period of time. With condo living, almost everything is taken care for and your property is safe and well guarded.

Marine Blue Singapore offers comfort and style that will surely satisfy a condo unit owner. The building is only a few minutes away from Orchard, a few minutes’ walk to East Coast Park, shopping malls, restaurants, and other fun-filling recreation facilities. This condo building is also near to elite local schools, business offices, expressways, international schools, and other important facilities. The condo’s full resort style facilities is a great factor why people choose to buy in this condominium.

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Homes packed with lifestyle amenities at affordable prices

Home, a place which is designed to rest after a day’s heavy work must not only be comfortable, but also must be appealing. Highline residences have come up with new condos keeping in mind comfort and luxury. These luxurious homes stand in the heart of the city, a location that is enviable. These residences have everything that can satisfy your imaginations. Being in the heart of this city, these condos do not deprive children of the free play paces which are rarely found in today’s urbanized cities.

homes packed with lifestyle amenities at affordable prices

These condos have excellent highline residences floor plan, giving space within the corridors. The builders have also allocated abundant garden and play spaces. There are also yoga and gym areas where residents can spend time to get into shape and good health. The condos also have shopping areas.

Highline residences can cost a little more than the regular condos downtown, but the prices are definitely lower than the quality that it has on offer. These residences are the ones that every individual dreams of owning. The strategic location of these condos in the heart of the city adds value to it.

The Highline Residence is a home that is loaded with comfort and luxury for the benefit of the residents. These condos give children the space where they can live their childhood and parents can watch them grow in a healthy environment. Highline is a world in itself where everything and anything is just few steps away. Be it shopping or entertainment, find it all here. Visit website to know more about the condos and the luxury that it has on offer for its residences. Make a booking today. One can visit company website to find more details about the highline residences floor plan.

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Continuous water facility available for the residents

The residents would suffer in many ways if they do not have adequate water facility in the house. As many of the residents are living in the first, second, third floor etc., it would be very difficult for them to fetch water from anywhere to fulfill their day-to-day personal activities. They have bought houses from the builders of commonwealth towers condo and have this unique water facility in spite of living in the tallest floors of the residential complex. The builders have arranged water facility after completing many works related to providing adequate water facilities to all the residents who have bought the properties from them. They have bought the quality pipes for water connections.

continuous water facility available for the residents

Cleanly installed bathroom fittings for the buyers

The builders have purchased the pipe fittings from the reputed hard ware sellers in the area and have fitted it in bathroom areas. They have provided the bathroom fittings for all the bathrooms and other amenities to the buyers. There are different connections made for drinking water and for normal water for other bathroom usages. The builders have provided huge water tank according to the occupants of requirements and demands in the complex.

The builders have professional qualified people to do repairs

The residents can be happy, as the builders of commonwealth towers condo have appointed the service people and sanitary staff to take care of the repairs in the housing complexes. The residents can complain if they find any problems in water connection pipes. They can express their grievance on leakage in water pipes and the builders send their service people periodically to the complexes. These service staffs would inspect the condition of the bathroom fittings flooring arrangement to repair scratches in walls etc., As the water connections are made properly there is no blending of sewage water and pure water pipe connections in any place of the whole complex.

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Embrace a King Size Life with Luxury at Santorini

The Santorini Condo is new condominium area located at the Tam pines Avenue 1 Junction and Tam pines Avenue 10 in Singapore. The condos are the perfect dream abodes with complimentary pearly white sands and sparkling blue seas to liven up your day. The Santorini Singapore, are island condos with blue and white contrasts especially built to make your dreams come true.

embrace a king size life with luxury at santorini

Embrace luxury with style in Santorini

This Greek Island unfolds to unveil sparkling domains which are simultaneously minimalist and expansive. The condos fulfil every owner’s dreams with garden pockets which are enchanting and lawns which intersperse with resplendent waters and soothing features. The landscape has been crafted by ONG&ONG Landscape, a premier design offering unparalleled reputation in crafting excellent homes which are warm and welcoming and offer the latest styles and architectural expertise.

Santorini Facilities

The Santorini tampines offers fully functional condos with all conveniences to suit your family needs. The condos have unique facilities including but not limited to clubhouse, guard house, playground for the kids, swimming pools, Yoga Rooms, Piano Rooms, indoor gymnasium, pool room, reading rooms, hydrotherapy baths and beds, Jacuzzi and Onsen. These high quality features of Santorini offer you to dive into a tranquil and serene lifestyle blended with the right mix of comfort and luxury, right in the heart of Tampines.

Nearby Places of Interest

The condos are sequestered in private enclaves and are engulfed in the peaceful sounds of the Quarry Park, Tam pines and Bedeck Reservoir. The island is home to nature’s call as you are engulfed by the sweet and harmonius symphony of the birds and insects. The condos are the perfect retreat from the frantic rush of the fast, urban lifestyle. The residents can enjoy beautiful sunsets as well as lovely mornings of the Quarry from the spacious balcony. The Bedeck Reservoir offers ample space for those power walks with your loved ones. The up and coming Town Hub is in close proximity to the condos where the visitor can enjoy Cinema, Bowling Alley, Community Club, Astro-turf soccer pitch and tasty delectable’s.

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The vision of Top Real Estate Company – Skywoods

Skywoods is a vision of among the leading real estate company and a well-known building under the table guidance. The Skywoods condo is defined by nothing but an absolute luxury of lifestyle that is pleasing amidst a peaceful and beautiful setting. Skywoods condominium is an ideal residential facility for men and women who dream of a house that is beautiful. It’s built along among the most attractive landscape in Singapore for. Its place is perfectly set amidst verdant green woods with amazing birds and with a scenic view that was natural.

the vision of top real estate company skywoods

The residents there’s much in the area to investigate and have the ease and luxury of living in lovely surroundings. Individuals living in the Skywoods condominium can investigate the various chances to love adventure sports and weekend family holidays only in their own area. They’re able to choose a brief walk if they would like to enjoy peaceful setting and the greenery. Such types of woods are seen just in this part.

Great roads, back-up and 24 hour power supply, fundamental facilities on the property Singapore are accessible for the residents. It’s an easy availability the important highways and expressways of town. This is sure to supply the finest to the residents of the society within Singapore.

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Singapore’s new landmark- Lakeville, now at your reach

Have you ever thought about what you are depriving your children of by living in a city? Well, you might have not. Here is the answer, you are depriving your children the beauty of the nature and the childhood. This might seem funny to you, but it is not. Give it a thought and you’ll relate most of your childhood days to the nearby park and your group of friends who would chill together by riding bicycles together. Your child life may have the latest gadgets, but it surely cannot replace the Mother Nature’s love.

singapore new landmark lakeville now reach

What can be done?

By now you must be feeling helpless as you cannot shift to some other place nor can you buy your child the playground where he/she can spend time. But, you don’t have to worry. Lakeville Singapore is coming up with exclusive lifestyle condos which are complete with recreational places and playgrounds for the overall development of your child. The most interesting part of these condos is the landmark Lake; yes the Jurong Lake which is within the vicinity.

Schools, colleges and shopping places within Lakeville:

Lakeville Singapore has everything that you want within it. Yes, Lakeville is more like a small city with everything that you want within it. Being at Lakeville, you can be assures that your family is safe. Canadian international School offers your children world class education and the famous Jurong Point Shopping Place which gets crowded during the weekends is just a stone throw away from Lakeville.

Lakeville has interesting floor plan. Spread over 6 towers which rise 16 storeys high have best in class amenities designed as per your comfort. You can select from a 1 bedroom condo to a luxurious 3 bedrooms one. Visit the official website for more floor plan details and also the site map.

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Enterprise and Finance’s Hub

City Gate is conveniently located towards the Central Business District (CBD) where many multinational firms, bank and finance institutions, too many conference centers, are found. So when City Gate is specifically from the Nicoll Highway MRT station, you can not be amiss in middle of the CBD in just a few minutes that are quick. While the CBD increases to include Marina Bay and even right as much as Beach Road /Ophir-Rochor regions, you’ll realize that addressing function is going to be so even faster from your home at City Gate Singapore. And when the travel is created even smaller, you’ll be able to devote time on doing more of the things that you enjoy saved.

enterprise and finances hub
Having its smooth shapes and modern design, City Gate Shoppes is defined to bring fresh lifestyle to Beach Road. The expansive 250m broad street frontage stretches over Beach Road for maximum exposure and the busy junction of Jalan Sultan. The act will even add sparkle through the night to brighten the complete area having a new excitement. Designed to increase foot traffic’s move into City Gate Shoppes, Nicoll Highway MRT station right will be specifically linked by a sheltered overhead path into the mall. By seizing this business opportunity today whether you’re investing in a system on your own business or buying one for expenditure, increase your results in the future. The basement is anchored by a food court. Complement the food court with unique culinary products of your. The food court will even bring major foot traffic to this degree, rendering it perfect for all kinds of trade. Its wide street frontage and the glass façade allows to the street-level for maximum exposure, experiencing both Beach Road or Jalan Sultan. This gives one to create impactful visual marketing or look designs and methods to attract your target audience. On level 2, you will discover the anchor tenant store as well as a protected overhead walkway which will link Nicoll Highway MRT station directly into the mall. Together, this can attract a higher level of clients to your business.

City Gate Shoppes includes three degrees of 188 commercial devices that come in styles to fit your business needs. Own your space within this strategically situated mall that is surrounded by four essential development regions in Singapore’s citycentre. Therefore, the prospect of progress is defined to be exponential. You will possess a prepared share of worrying person clients from the luxurious City Gate Houses. Also realize is likely to be residents from nearby developments, including fresh ones prepared for Kampong Bugis. Those employed in nearby office properties and artist galleries may also add to your ever-widening customer base. In addition, the many arts universities and spots around brings to your business a hipster and bohemian clientele who will insert color, diversity and vibrant energy, together with a constant supply of youngsters. This may, no doubt , also attract guests and tourists in the Kampong Glam heritage center who’re looking for unique experiences. City Gate can be just one stop away from the Singapore Sports Hub. Enjoy attracting visitors and a large number of event’s large capacity crowds -guests from the various sports sites, Singapore Indoor Arena along with the National Stadium.

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Realise Your Dream Home with Puteri Cove Residences

Are you on the look for a lifestyle home that exudes luxury and beauty in every sense of the term? Well, if you want a home overlooking the beautiful water body of Iskandra, your dream is just about to be fulfilled. Pacific Star Group brings to you classic homes with Puteri Cove Residency at the heart of the Puteri Harbour.

puteri cove promenade

Live a Life of Luxury at Puteri Cove Residences

Homes with panoramic view of the sea and harbour has been rising in demand- a fact proven by the popularity of projects like Encorp Marina and Teega. If you too have been envisioning a home exuding luxury overlooking the marine view along with accommodating you and your family, then you haven’t got far to look. The latest endeavour of the Pacific Star Group does it all for you.

  • The entire project has been divided into 3 blocks, with each block comprising of 329 units. The 33-stoery apartment is supposed to house 1, 2, 3 and 4 Bedrooms, Dual-keys and penthouses designed to fit the standard of life that you have dreamt of.
  • The Puteri Cove Residences also comes adorned with a yoga deck, a 50m pool, basketball and tens court- all for the purpose of satisfying the health freak within you. The campus is complete with a kid’s play area that is sure to appeal to the little bundles of joy in your family.
  • Apart from the fact that the condos overlook the magnificent and beautiful Puteri harbour comprising of Marina Park, yachts and the sea, there is also the fact of the campus has been decked in a way that only adds to its beauty quotient. Adorned with a theme park, Jacuzzi, fun pool, BBQ etc, Puteri Cove Residences does make you go wow with the beauty.
  • The project is also a great investment option what with its freehold tenure option.

puteri cove residences living

The search for your dream home is about to come to an appropriate closure with the Puteri Cove Residences, located at the core of the Puteri harbour in Iskandra- beauty, elegance and luxury mashed up into one.

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Flat Designs in Singapore

Singapore residents mainly live in the Housing and Development Board (HDB) dwellings; flats or apartments. Between their available flats and apartments, flat types are actually less expensive but they have similar quality to other apartment types of housing. This is primarily the reason why most Singaporean residents prefer to purchase the flats more.

Flat Designs in Singapore

A flat is actually a type of housing wherein it is part of a building that contains numerous flats. Most blocks or building of flats usually have a parking area and recreational facilities, such as swimming pools. Aside from that, they are usually accessible to public transportation.

Designs of Flats in Singapore

Flat Designs in Singapore
  • Standard Flats. These types of flats are considered to be the most common type of flats found in Singapore. Depending on the size, it contains about two to five rooms. Note that the number of rooms may include the living room, the dining room, and bedrooms as well. That is, a five-room flat will have 3 bedrooms, a living room, and a dining room.
  • Executive Flats. These types of flats are actually more expensive than the standard ones. They are basically five-room flats with bigger area. Most executive flats come with premium finishing which makes it expensive.
  • Executive Maisonette Flats. These types of flats have the same number of rooms as executive flats. However, they technically are two stories flats. Thus, bedrooms are generally located at the second floor; whereas, the dining and living rooms are located on the first floor of the flat. Because they are gaining popularity among consumers nowadays, they are usually priced higher than the executive types.
  • Jumbo Flats. Jumbo types of flats are a rare find in a building of flats. This is primarily because it is considered to be a modification of an apartment-type. Compared to the previous types of flats mentioned, it has a large area. Because of these, it is generally priced expensively.
  • Shop Flats. Shop flats are a modification of a jumbo flat. They generally contain a store space at the lower floor which is connected to the flat upper floor.
  • Terrace Flats. Terrace flats have a private terrace. It is usually cheaper primarily because most of them were built in the 1970s. Aside from that, HDB regulations stipulate that owners of these types are restricted from making any alterations of the unit. It has a large flat space; however it has a smaller space for parking.
Flat Designs in Singapore
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Useful Tips for Property Rentals in Singapore

You may be a an expatriate staying in Singapore for a while or some bachelor searching for a new pad or urgently looking for a new area to stay but still incapable of affording a new home. Whichever situation you’re in, here are useful tips for property rentals in Singapore.

Useful Tips for Property Rentals in Singapore

Selecting a Property to Rent in Singapore

When selecting a property to rent, it would be important to consider the location and facilities situated nearby. Also consider the schools, workplace, and quality of furniture and estate environment found inside the area. Do the rental prices ensure convenience as far as facilities are concerned? More importantly, does the rental price fit your budget? Have a checklist of the following factors so you will have a useful guide that will help you decide which location you should choose and the kind of house that’s perfect for you.

Rental properties come either partially or completely furnished. Thus, it is crucial that you figure out if the rental properties meet your expectations and needs. It is also important to consider other expenses like your telephone and electricity bills since they constitute a huge part of the total monthly expenses. You need to weigh your budget in proportion to the amount of your monthly rental.

Signing an Agreement

A letter of intent will be required as part of the procedure to determine your intention for renting the property, which will be accomplished by your property agent. Both you and the landlord will be signing the tenancy agreement, listing the names of the parties, along with the payment details and inventory of the properties’ content. You have to submit a copy of your employment and passport, as well as the rental payment for the first month as initial deposits.

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The Role of Sales Consultants

Planning to purchase a house in Singapore? Purchasing a house may definitely be one of the most essential financial endeavours you will make, and picking a dream house can be daunting if you will do it yourself. To help you with this, you can hire the aid of a home sales consultant. Here are things a home sales consultant can do for you.

Give You Access to Item Listing

Since these home sales consultants are working in real estate companies, they can get you access to wide database of entries. Meaning, you will be presented with a wide selection of homes to pick from. With this, you can relatively find a house that will meet your criteria and needs and drop those that don’t satisfy your requirements. A proficient home sales consultant or advisor will focus on what your likes and preferences are in a house and identify what you can afford. They will work on certain methods through their listings for a buyer to discover what he is searching for.

Offer You Valuable Information about the Neighborhood

An excellent home sales consultant can provide you with details about the neighborhood you will move into. It’s important to know such details so that you will have a feel of whether the community is nice, conducive, or family oriented.

The Role of Sales Consultants

Guide and Orient You in Paperworks and the Legalities Involved

The Role of Sales Consultants

Purchasing a house involves lots of paperworks and legalities. A home sales consultant will assist you with this so that everything will be dealt with easier and smoothly.

These are just some of the things that a home sales advisor can do for you. So don’t feel scared or alone when purchasing your home. A reliable home sales consultant will have your back every step of the way.

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Different Home Styles in Singapore

There are various styles of homes in Singapore that add to the ambiance and homey feel of the surroundings. You can see houses using a classical or Asian home style. More often than not, these styles do not come along as a bundle when you purchase a home there. You need to interiorly design them first in order for to achieve it; unless, you will construct your new home. Home style is a personalized touch by the owner; and thus, it varies from one household to another. Below are the common home styles in Singapore.

Types of Home Styles

Different Home Styles in Singapore
  • Contemporary Home Style. It is characterized by geometric shapes and other ornaments that will create a neat, spacious look. To achieve this look, you may want to style your home with furnishings that have curvy and clean line designs.
  • Classical Home Style. The classical home style is highly influenced by the Greek and Roman designs. Style your home with classic ornaments, such as roman columns, to add to the classical ambiance of your place. It is very important to note that furniture must be arranged in perfect symmetry that is decorated with classic designs.
  • Asian Home Style. The Asian style is primarily influenced by the Chinese and Japanese decorations. Chinese style is achieved using carved and dark-colored wood furniture, as well as Chinese paintings. Japanese style, on the other hand, is achieved using sofa beds, wood furnishings, and various Japanese designs you will find on an Asian furniture store.
  • Country Home Style. If you want to have a comfortable look for a home, you might as well style your place with a country theme. It is primarily designed using earth colors, antique furniture, wooden floors, floral textiles, as well as personal collectibles that will give a homey and welcoming feel to your home.
Different Home Styles in Singapore
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Information About Real Estate Investment Companies

If you are looking to sell or buy a real estate property in Singapore, you might as well be familiar about real estate investment companies. These companies offer various services to clients such as property valuation and other transactions. More often than not, they are the ones who knows what properties are best suited for you according to your financial goals and your investment type.

How do Real Estate Investment Companies Work

Real estate investment companies work similarly as the stock market. One difference is that instead of recommending to their clients to buy stocks, they recommend them to invest in real estate properties. For them to be successful in their industry, they need to keep a large presence in the real estate market. In order to do that, they need to learn more about the industry, the key players, and the benefits of entry to and exit from the market. That, in turn, will help them provide the best possible advice to their clients.

Types of Real Estate Investments

Information About Real Estate Investment Companies

There are actually various types of real estate investments offered by different companies. They can be classified according to the type of funds, such as the real estate investment trusts, pension funds, and other tax-deferred real estate investment. You can also classify investments according to its property type which includes office buildings, residential type, hotels, retail centers, lands, and other types of properties. Lastly, they can also be identified according to their location; such as, highly dense urban markets and rural areas. Highly dense urban markets are usually priced high because there is high demand for properties in these areas.

Advices of Real Estate Investment Companies

It is very important to note that real estate investment companies base their recommendations according to the goals and objectives of the client. They also base them according to the current market conditions; that is whether it is advisable to invest during this time or not. Although they can forecast economic conditions in a specific time period, it is not guaranteed that your investment will pay off.

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Singapore Property Investment Tips

There are tips on investing on property in Singapore to make sure that investors have thoroughly made their plans and are willing to enter a minimum of four-year venture – after keeping in mind the four-year seller’s stamp duty (SSD) – which they’ll need to pay should they decide to sell the property before a period of four years.

Singapore Property Investment Tips

After they’ve determined how much finance they’re willing to put out, they will have to prepare themselves for a better position by engaging the property market or obtaining passive income through rentals instead of placing their money in the bank. According to the present market, it would be advisable to keep looking for the ideal investment property as prices drop to at least 10%, instead of putting it at a fixed rate that pays 0.5% but doesn’t hedge on inflation, which is presently at 5.7%.

At this rate, a lot of the investors hold the same preference. They prefer to benefit from the present low interest rates and put their money within property assets in order to generate good cash flow through rental income. The entrepreneurs themselves have experienced generating good cash flow on a monthly basis from $1,500 after setting off mortgage costs. This is equal to the yearly income of $18,000 that easily gets returns in fixed deposits and exceeds dividend returns in stocks.

Though prices for private properties continue to increase in spite of economic uncertainties, it would be easy to point the effects of cooling measures because of the slow rising of prices compared to what happened in 2010.

Presently, you will notice that even though the prices of properties are holding up, the sales are starting to stagnate. Such occurrence is attributed to two reasons:

  • A lot of the owners are unwilling to bargain at lower prices, but the buyers are not willing to gamble for a high price.
  • The demand for these properties exceeds the supply because the owners are not in a hurry to sell, and this leads to the rise in price.

It is advisable for investors to look into Singapore properties as long-term assets and investments. They must not be intimidated by how things are moving within the property market since their assets will benefit them in the long term, and the value of the assets will increase because of the following reasons:

Singapore Property Investment Tips
  • Singapore has good governance.
  • Singapore is scare in land.
  • Inflation will pressure the increase of prices.
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Things to Look Out for When Finding New Homes for Sale in Singapore

Singapore is a highly progressive country suitable for living, but moving to this place entails some planning and a house of your own. More and more people are discovering some great advantages in moving to Singapore. There has been great progress in the new homes and communities in the country. Currently, there are new homes that are sold for reasonable rates.

Choosing from a multitude of new homes for sale can really be challenging and time consuming. It pays for you to check carefully the internal and external features of every home. Before making your final choice, you should consider a few things.

Amount of Space Available

You should look for a house that has sufficient space. Every room in the house should have adequate space not only for furniture but also for movement. The last thing you want is a constricted space since living therein can really be tough and hard to breathe.

Architectural Design

Things to Look Out for When Finding New Homes for Sale in Singapore

Pick a design that matches your taste and needs. Modern architecture is enticing and captivating, but traditional designs remain to be ageless. However, it would be a great option to have a healthy combination of both. Whichever architectural design you choose, remember to opt for the home style that will keep you comfortable until the next several years to come in order to avoid the expenses of renovation or reconstruction.

Things to Look Out for When Finding New Homes for Sale in Singapore


People commonly think that all new homes for sale are pricy. Price actually varies, depending on the time or season you bought the property. It also depends on the location, features, and the size of the house.

Things to Look Out for When Finding New Homes for Sale in Singapore

Transferring to a new home in a new place can be really exciting and stressful at the same time. But if you are aware of the things to look out for in a house, then you can enjoy buying your dream home stress-free.

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Responsibility of Property Agents in Singapore

Generally, the responsibility of property agents in Singapore is to help property owners sell their properties. The major roles of property agents are explained here:

Responsibility of Property Agents in Singapore
  • Real estate agents estimate the price of your property. They’re very much aware of the market rate and evaluate it on a constant basis. Through such information, the agents can inform you of your property’s currency worth. The individual who is doing the evaluation should be qualified by the national association of estate agents. The price that the agents need to fix must be reasonable enough to lure as much potential buyers as possible. Nonetheless, you must lose any more money for a property. A number of property agents will increase the price and benefit from the negotiations.
  • Another responsibility of a property expert is to reveal your property to potential buyers. It is therefore important to emphasize on the strengths of your property for the agent. This will help him get a better understanding of what would make your house attractive to potential buyers.
  • The third role of real estate agent is to properly promote the property. The placement and quality of such advertisements are crucial. Real estate agents will promote your property in the newspapers, on their websites, and in promotional listings and brochures.
  • The next responsibility of the property agent would involve introducing your property to potential buyers. Some agents will make an advertisement of your property to attract the buyers, while others will work very hard in selling it.
Responsibility of Property Agents in Singapore

Real estate professionals take care of the whole selling procedure. They facilitate legal proceedings after the sale is concluded. Evaluating the property, negotiating terms, preparing sales agreements – all these are the job of property agents.

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How to Start a Property Development Company in Singapore

Property development companies in Singapore are those that provide residential and commercial spaces through construction of a new one or through renovation of an old building. One can start this type of company so long as he/she has the funds to finance the expenses of starting one. To start your own property development company, follow the instructions below.

How to Start a Property Development Company in Singapore

Steps in Starting a Property Development Company

How to Start a Property Development Company in Singapore
  • Educate yourself with property development. This can be done through attending seminars, conferences, and classes about real estate properties and business management topics in a community college in your area.
  • Devise a business proposal for your first 3-5 years of operation as a property development company. This proposal includes business startup costs, licenses, permits, location, business name, the services you will offer, and the number of employees you will employ in your company. Also include your expected sales for the time period and the expected time for your return of investment.
  • If you do not have enough money for your business startup, you may apply for business loans from various financial institutions in your area. Make sure that you choose an institution that offers low interest rates. You may also apply for grants from nonprofit organizations.
  • Register your business and your business name to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore. ACRA uses Bizfile that allows users to incorporate their businesses online and reserve business names as well.
  • Obtain a business profile for your company from the ACRA website. During this step, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) will issue your business tax number as well.
  • Hire employees that will best suit the needs of your company. Ensure that they have proper certifications and trainings for the type of job you are employing them for.
  • Obtain insurance for work injury compensation. Make sure that you only purchase insurance coverage from a stable and credible insurance company. Get in touch with an authorized insurance agent to help you process the requirements for the insurance. Take note that the fees and the time period for application will vary according to the insurance company you choose.
  • Look for a commercial or office space that will cater to your needs. Make sure that you choose a location that is placed according to your target market. It is very important to note that when starting a new business, accessibility and visibility are two very important factors when choosing for a location.
How to Start a Property Development Company in Singapore
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Effective Tips for Buying and Selling Properties in Singapore

Have you ever thought about joining the buy-and-sell business but don’t know where to start? Well, you can have big cash making a stroll through the real property business. You can get large sums if you plan to sell or lease your purchased property. Obviously, this undertaking is neither for the timid nor the dreadful. As it is, it is a lucrative money venture.

Effective Tips for Buying and Selling Properties in Singapore

Many individuals have shared their experiences in buying and selling properties in Singapore. Buying and selling properties may not be easy, but it’s all worth it. So if you are wondering how you can make the most of this trade, check the following for some helpful tips.

One of the most vital things to remember when buying a property is to opt for location over style. Most real estate tycoons opt for a scruffy property situated in an exceptional place than one that has superb design but is located in an isolated area. The fact is you can turn a dreadful property into one with an amazingly brilliant structure, but you can’t do any better changes with a house’s terrible location. It would be easier to sell a property in a premier neighborhood compared to one that is found in a gauche area.

Cling on to your property when the business is flat. In any case, you can win unlimited rental fees from it and gain a considerable profit in the meantime, then you can promote it some other time.

Another sure-winning tip in doing buy-and-sell business is to do house flipping. Buy a house, renovate and refurbish it, then offer it for sale. This is one of the secrets of success of most land moguls. In fact, one can earn as much $25,000 with just a single house flipping.

Effective Tips for Buying and Selling Properties in Singapore

Now that you have learned some of the sure-firing ways to be victorious in the real estate business, the next time you decide to enter this trade, you will definitely know what to do.

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Singapore Property Guide – A Step-by-Step Process of Owning a Home

Are you searching for a home to buy in Singapore? This is not a simple decision to make, knowing that you’ll be investing a relatively great amount of cash in getting that home. Thus, ample amount of research is needed.

Singapore Property Guide – A Step-by-Step Process of Owning a Home

To start your chase for your dream house in Singapore, you need to know what you want. There are people who are after contemporary houses, while some prefer classic or vintage home style. It all boils down to your preferences.

Singapore Property Guide – A Step-by-Step Process of Owning a Home

What comes next is working out your budget. Not only do houses come in a variety of sizes and style; they come also in different rates. Houses usually cost a million or more, but you can get a much enticing deal if you do wide research. If you can close a deal for a lower price, then you are lucky. You can also ask the assistance of a real estate agent or broker to help you out in finding the best deal for you. This doesn’t come easy, but you can ask for referrals from your relatives or friends. You can also do online search. Real estate agents or brokers usually have their own page where you can find particular details about them. It is best that you opt for someone who has a long line of experience in this kind of work. Remember, this is a big investment you are going to make. It is highly essential that you lay all your cards in the right place before you finally seal the deal. Just make sure that the broker or realtor clearly knows your preferences so he will know what you need. It is true that getting a real estate agent or broker is a costly endeavour, but doing so will definitely provide you great aid.

Singapore Property Guide – A Step-by-Step Process of Owning a Home

Last, you can also check the web for some information about home financing. Make sure you look for the right area so you can find information that is relevant only. If you decide to have your home financed, pick wisely the package that will work best for you.

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Price Determinants of Available Properties in Singapore

There are a lot available properties in Singapore that are for sale. Their prices may vary according to the size, location, or the type of housing offered. While these factors affect how they are valued, there are other determinants as to how these available properties are priced on the real estate market.

Price Determinants of Available Properties in Singapore

Factors that Determine the Price of the Property

  • Available property financing. It is not uncommon that most consumers actually tend to borrow money from a lender in order for them to actually buy a property. If banks are very strict on the approval of property loans, few properties get bought. This result to a reduction in the price since available properties sits longer on the market. However, when the opposite happens, more consumers can afford to buy one; thus, prices will increase.
  • Supply and demand. Supply and demand affects most types of industry. Common sense will tell us that when more consumers demand for a good, the supply of that good will decrease, and thus prices increase. While when few consumers demand of the good, the supply of that good increases; which will then result to a decrease in price to encourage buyers.
  • The location of the property. The major determining factor of property pricing is actually the location. In Singapore, when the property you are looking for is actually near or in the city, it will actually be priced higher than the properties outside it. Aside from that, properties that are marketed as luxurious properties, no matter how far away it is, are priced high as well.
  • Perception of real estate investors. There are a number of investors that actually buy and sell real estate properties. Discount offers on properties might lead potential investors to believe that there is a surplus of the properties. Thus, he might think it is not a good time to buy one. With that, prices will then be reduced.
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Singapore Property Market Worthy of Investment

Securing one’s future is definitely an essential thing to consider, and one of the best investments you can have is a house or any real property that you can call your own. Well, you can find a wide selection of real properties in Singapore. Properties for sale have been a hot trend now and have become more in demand with the rising influx of people in the city. This happens because of the active business and trade activities in which Singapore is known for.

Singapore Property Market Worthy of Investment

With the finest architects and builders in Singapore, property market has become superb. Houses for sale are now situated in the best areas and have modern and enticing architecture and style. There are as well various kinds of condominium units that are considered to be the modern home of today. Some of the condos in Singapore that are making buzz are the Skies Miltonia, New Punggol Condos, Daisy Suites, and a whole lot more. Each of these has its distinct architecture. These projects have lured a lot of investors all over Singapore and even in other countries. What’s the best thing about property investment in Singapore is that the value of the properties generally multiplies fast because of the evergreen demand, making this sector carry on through the rise and downfall of the economy.

Singapore Property Market Worthy of Investment

Moreover, these real properties were built in a very friendly way. People have easy access to malls, restaurants, parks, and other places in the country as most of them are in close proximity. Above all, these properties have high internal and external security. The entry of people is strictly identified in order to guarantee that invaders have no chance of attacking. Thus, the wellness and security of residents are well protected.

Singapore Property Market Worthy of Investment

So what are you waiting for? Consider the progressive economy of Singapore and its rich property market, not to mention the tight security therein. Living here will surely be safe and peaceful.

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